一年级简单英语小故事 求适合小学一年级的英语小故事,简短些的,带翻译

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英语小故事带翻译50字小学一年级求适合小学一年级的英语小故事,简短些的,带翻译英文小故事带翻译要最短的一年级要一个非常简单的英语小故事故事 30几个单词 要翻译 适合1年级。急一年级英语小故事英语小故事带翻译50字小学一年级英文原文:  A Good Boy  Little Robert asked his mother for two cents. "What did you do with the money I gave you yesterday?"  "I

一年级简单英语小故事 求适合小学一年级的英语小故事,简短些的,带翻译



  A Good Boy

  Little Robert asked his mother for two cents. "What did you do with the money I gave you yesterday?"

  "I gave it to a poor old woman," he answered.

  "You're a good boy," said the mother proudly. "Here are two cents more. But why are you so interested in the old woman?"

  "She is the one who sells the candy."





  “我给了一个可怜的老太婆,”他回答说。 “你真是个好孩子,”妈妈骄傲地说。“再给你两分钱。可你为什么对那位老太太那么感兴趣呢?”



In the zoo, people can see many kinds of animals. For example, lions, tigers, they are scary. Monkey, foxes are intelligent. People usually think pandas, koala bears are so cute and smart. Some animals live in the water, such as dolphins. They need a lot of water for their home. And elephants with long nose are very strange. They can sing and dance. The giraffes are quite tall because of their long necks. So they can reach the top of the trees.


A Wolf in sheep's clothing     A wolf wanted to eat the sheep, but he was afraid of the vigilant shepherd and his dogs. One day the wolf found the skin of a sheep. He put it on and walked among the sheep. A lamb thought that the wolf was its mother because his skin looked like hers. So it followed the wolf. Soon after they had left the dogs, the wolf came at the lamb and ate it up. For some time he succeeded in deceiving the sheep, and enjoying hearty meals.     披着羊皮的狼     狼想吃羊,但是他害怕警惕的牧羊人和牧羊犬。 有一天狼发现了一块羊皮,便披着它混入羊群。 一只小羊羔把这只披着羊皮的狼误认为自己的妈妈,被领出了羊群。 狼成功地欺骗了羊群,吃掉了小羊羔。     寓意:事物的外表有时候会掩盖它的本质,所以我们不能只凭表面现象就作判断。  

The crow, rabbit and fox     The crow was sitting on the tree doing nothing all a day.A small rabbit saw the crow,and asked him:"Can I also sit like you and do nothing all day long?" the crow answered:"sure ,why not?" So the rabbit sat on the ground below the crow,and rested.All of a sudden. A fox appeared,jumped on the rabbit and ate it .moral of the story is :To be sitting and doing nothing ,you must be sitting very very high up!

乌鸦、兔子和狐狸     有一只乌鸦整天坐在树上什么事也不做。一只小兔子看见了,就问它:“我能像你一样整天坐着什么事也不做吗?”这只乌鸦回答道:“当然可以。为什么不呢?”于是小兔子坐在树底下开始休息。突然一只狐狸出现,跳起抓住小兔子就把它给吃了。这个故事的寓意是:如果你想什么也不做,就必须坐得很高。     一年级英语小故事(五)     The lion and the fox     The lion once said that he was sick on his death bed. So he asked all the  animals to come and listen to his last wishes. the goat came to the lion’s cave. He stood there and listened for a long time. then a sheep went in. Before she came out, a rabbit entered to hear the last wishes of the king of beasts. But soon the lion  seemed to recover, and went to the mouth of his cave. He saw a fox waiting outside. "Why don’t you come in?“ asked the lion to the fox. “I beg Your Majesty’s  pardon,“ said the fox, “I have seen many animals enter your cave, but none of them come out. Till they come out again, I prefer to wait outside."     

老狮子与狐狸     一头年老的狮子声称自己病得要死了,他告诉所有的动物来听他的临终遗言。 一只山羊进入狮子的洞穴,并一直留在那里,接着一只绵羊也进去了。之前,一只兔子也曾进去听这兽中之王的临终遗言。 但是不久,狮子好像康复了,能走到洞口了,他看到狐狸站在洞口,就问:“你为什么不进来呢?” “尊敬的殿下,”狐狸回答说,“如果我没发现只有进去的脚印,没有一个出来的脚印,我也许会进洞去。”

A Clever Farmer(聪明的农民)

Uncle Sam doesn’t like farmer. He thinks they are very foolish and only know work on the farm.One winter morning, the sun is shining. Uncle Sam sits on the step of his house. At that moment, a farmer with a map in his hand comes to him.


Farmer: Excuse me, Uncle. Can you tell me know to get to the hospital, please?


Uncle Sam: Lie down in the middle of the street and you’ll soon be at a hospital.


Farmer: Please set an example to me.


Uncle Sam: I think you come to our city at the first time. It’s much more beautiful than the field. Is that right?


Farmer: Yes, uncle. But it is built on the field.


Uncle Sam’s face turns red.


get on a gravy train(守株待兔)

Once upon a time, there was a farmer.One day, while he was working in the fields, he saw ahare run into a tree stump accidentally and die of a broken neck.


The farmer took the hare home and cooked a delicious meal for himself.


That night he thought: "I needn't work so hard. All I have to do is wait every day by the stump to pick up the hare that runs into it."


So from then on he gave up farming, and stood by the tree stump waiting for the hare to come and run into it.


But from then on, he never saw another hare run into the tree stump.


一年级英语小故事大全推荐三:The City Mouse and the Country Mouse(城里老鼠和乡下老鼠)

Once there were two mice. They were friends. One mouse lived in the country; the other mouse lived in the city. After many years the Country mouse saw the City mouse; he said, "Do come and see me at my house in the country." So the City mouse went. The City mouse said, "This food is not good, and your house is not good. Why do you live in a hole in the field? You should come and live in the city. You would live in a nice house made of stone. You would have nice food to eat. You must come and see me at my house in the city."


The Country mouse went to the house of the City mouse. It was a very good house. Nice food was set ready for them to eat. But just as they began to eat they heard a great noise. The City mouse cried, " Run! Run! The cat is coming!" They ran away quickly and hid.


After some time they came out. When they came out, the Country mouse said, "I do not like living in the city. I like living in my hole in the field. For it is nicer to be poor and happy, than to be rich and afraid."



一年级孩子英语学习小故事大全推荐四:A Good Boy(好孩子)

Little Robert asked his mother for two cents.


"What did you do with the money I gave you yesterday?"


"I gave it to a poor old woman," he answered.


"You're a good boy," said the mother proudly. "Here are two cents more. But why are you so interested in the old woman?"

“你真是个好孩子,”妈妈骄傲地说。“再给你两分钱。可你为什么对那位老太太那么感兴趣呢?” "She is the one who sells the candy." “她是个卖糖果的。”

一年级英语小故事大全推荐五:What It's the real courage(什么才是真正的勇气)

A father was worried about his son, who was sixteen years old but had no courage at all. So the father decided to call on a Buddhist monk to train his boy.


The Buddhist monk said to the boy’s father, “You should leave your son alone here. I’ll make him into a real man within three months. However, you can’t come to see him during this period. ”


Three months later, the boy’s father returned. The Buddhist monk arranged a boxing match between the boy and an experienced boxer. Each time the fighter struck the boy, he fell down, but at once the boy stood up; and each time a punch knocked him down, the boy stood up again. Several times later, the Buddhist monk asked, “What do you think of your child?”


“What a shame!” the boy’s father said. “I never thought he would be so easily knocked down. I needn’t have him left here any longer.”


“I’m sorry that that’s all you see. Don’t you see that each time he falls down; he stands up again instead of crying? That’s the kind of courage you wanted him to have.”



Little mouse(小老鼠)

It’s a sunny day. A little mouse wants to go out and play.


But he is afraid of the cat . so he peeks and peeks.

但是它害怕猫。 所以左看看右看看

He peeks to the left and peeks to the right.


Suddenly, the mummy mouse shouts.


“watch out! Watch out! The cat is here , the cat is here.”

“小心!小心! 猫在这里,猫在这里”

要一个非常简单的英语小故事故事 30几个单词 要翻译 适合1年级。急

Tom bought several apples ,he gave jack two ,then he gave three apples to Sam ,last he gave one apple to Anna , now he have no one, how many apples did Tom have? 汤姆买了一些苹果,他给了杰克两个,然后他又给了山姆三个,最后他给了安娜一个苹果,现在他没有苹果了,那麽他买了几个苹果呢?


我找了好多The New Teacher

George comes from school on the first of September.

"George, how did you like your new teacher?" asked his mother.

"I didn't like her, Mother, because she said that three and three were six and then she said that two and four were six too....."


9月1日, 乔治放学回到家里。

"乔治,你喜欢你们的新老师吗?" 妈妈问。

"妈妈,我不喜欢,因为她说3加3得6, 可后来又说2加4也得6。"

A: What's the difference between a monkey and a flea?

B: A monkey can have fleas, but a flea can't have monkeys.



A:Which is the strongest creature in the world?

B: The snail. It carries its house on its back.



A: How do you stop a sleepwalker from walking in his sleep?

B: Keep him awake.



He is really somebody

-- My uncle has 1000 men under him.

-- He is really somebody. What does he do?

-- A maintenance man in a cemetery.


-- 我叔叔下面有1000个人。

-- 他真是一个大人物。干什么的?

-- 墓地守墓人。

Not long after an old Chinese woman came back to China from her visit to her daughter in the States, she went to a city bank to deposit the US dollars her daughter gave her. At the bank counter, the clerk checked each note carefully to see if the money was real. It made the old lady out of patience.

At last she could not hold any more, uttering. "Trust me, Sir, and trust the money. They are real US dollars. They are directly from America."




my little dog can't read

Mrs. Brown: Oh, my dear, I have lost my precious little dog!

Mrs. Smith: But you must put an advertisement in the papers!

Mrs. Brown: It's no use, my little dog can't read.






Bring me the winner

-- Waiter, this lobster has only one claw.

-- I'm sorry, sir. It must have been in a fight.

-- Well, bring me the winner then.


-- 服务员,


-- 对不起,先生,这只肯定打过架了。

-- 哦, 那给我那个打赢的吧。

One day a visitor from the city came to a small rural area to drive around the country roads, see how the farms looked, and perhaps to see how farmers earned their living. The city man saw a farmer in his yard, holding a pig up in his hands, and lifting it so that the pig could eat apples from an apple tree. The city man said to the farmer," I see that your pig likes apples, but isn"t that quite a waste of time?" The farmer replied," What"s time to a pig?"


Two birls

Teacher: Here are two birds, one is a swallow, the other is sparrow. Now who can tell us which is which?

Student: I cannot point out but I know the answer.

Teacher: Please tell us.

Student: The swallow is beside the sparrow and the sparrow is beside the swallow.


老师: 这儿有两只鸟,一只是麻雀。谁能指出哪只是燕子,哪只是麻雀吗?




The more you learn, the more you know, The more you know, the more you forget. The more you forget, the less you know. So why bother to learn.

学的越多,知道的越多, 知道的越多,忘记的越多, 忘记的越多,知道的越少,为什么学来着?!

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